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Love You Status

Love You Status

I will keep you hidden from millions and keep you decorated, you just once come in my heart.
You are really special to me. You are my true friend!
Missing someone is your heart’s way of reminding you that you love them.
I Know I’m Not Perfect,But There Is No Defect In My Love
We fall in Love by chance but we stay in Love by the choice of God.
Love is not about possession,Love is about appreciation
God will bless you with someone incredible for your life. Have patience and never settle for less because God wants the best for you.
There is a reason why two people stay together, they give each other something nobody else can.
Life is like flying an airplane. You’ll be pushed around, have your ups, downs and even upside downs, but try hard enough and you’ll land where your heart desires.
Cuddling with you would be perfect right now.
Sometimes the questions are complicated and the answers are simple.
If you love somebody, let them go, for if they return, they were always yours. If they do not, they never were.
You never understand it until you experience it.

Romantic love you status
Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels.
Every time I see you I fall in love all over again
The minute you think of giving up think of the reason why you held on so long.
If you need a lover and a friend, Baby I am in.
You see, I love you and I do not want to lose you because my life has been better since the day I found you.
My “Heart” is always your!
I died the moment you left me, I was born the moment that we kissed. My life was truly lived the second we spent time together.
True love has a habit of coming back.
Life is too short to cry on…
As long as I have you, nothing else matters.
Sexy is not always about boobs or butts. It’s the way you walk, the way you talk and the way you think.
I still care, that ‘s the problem
Whenever i see your text the first thing comes in my mind is YOU. ♥ :p
Love is sweet when it’s new, but it is sweeter when it’s true.
Everyone Says You Only Fall In Love Once, But That’s Not True, Because Everytime I See You, I Fall In Love All Over Again.
The most magical moments are those when you forget yourself in the job of someone’s presence.

Romantic love you status
If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.
You won’t believe how fast my heart rate goes once I see you everyday in front of me.
My friend, when you love, let it be a woman whom you can love forever.
I don’t like waiting, I’m so impatient. But I’ll wait forever, as long as I end up with you.
True love is not easy but it must be fought for because once you find it, it can never be replaced.
Live life fully, no place for hate, only love.
be loyal to what you love, be true to the earth, fight your enemies with passion and laughter.
Silence is the most powerful scream.
I think love is fearless. ❤️
Wine is constant proof that God loves us and loves to see us happy.
Love is the greatest refreshment in life.
Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not someone who plays with it.
The pain of missing a lovable person is like a baby’s cry It knows for what it cries but doesn’t know to express it in words.
I’m crazy but original you try to be me and you fail.
Your kisses leave something to be desired. The rest of you.
My heart is stolen..can I check your bra?

Romantic love you status
I fall in love with you, I don’t know why or how. I just did…
True love is when you are completely committed to someone even when they are being completely unlovable.
Love and hate are such strong words, they also cause so much pain.
Become a priority in your life.
Smartness is a perfect beauty.
I want everyone to meet you. You’re my favorite person of all time.
Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood.
Love is the silent saying and saying of a single name.
Falling in love with you is the 2nd best thing in the world. Finding you is the 1st…
The secret of a happy marriage remains a secret.
I’m not drunk, I’m in love.
Your smile is literally the cutest thing I’ve ever seen
My love for you is a journey starting at forever and ending at never.
I got my grammar correct today. I always faced problems in present, past and future tenses. I loved you. I love you. I will love you forever.
True love never dies, it only gets stronger with time.

Romantic love you status
Love develops through friendship.
Being single is smarter than being in the wrong relationship.
Some love one, some love two. I love one – that is you.
I want to see your smile and hear your laughter. I want kiss away your hurts and hold you until you know without a doubt that this is for real.
You are forever and always the hero of my heart, the love of my life.
Love Is When I Find Reason To Live. That Reason Is You.
Food, Water, Sleep, Love, Whatsapp, Repeat it.
The total number of commercials I watch before online videos is roughly equal to the total number of commercials I USED to watch on TV.
Imagining a life without you is something that is impossible, you make me complete and I want you to know you mean everything to me.
You’re the reason behind my smile
My silence is just another word for my pain.
I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you and I choose both.

Romantic love you status
Truth is I miss you. All the time, every second, every minute, every hour, every day.
Love is like heaven, but it can hurt like hell.
Forever is a long time but I would not mind spending it by your side.
The way you look at me, the way you touch me, the way you tease me drives me crazy.
Let us have the same confidence in love that we have in life; for confidence is of our essence; and the thought that works the most harm in all things is the one that inclines us to look with mistrust on reality.
Breathing and loving: the two things we hope that we never have to choose between.
Someday when the pages of my life end, I know that you will be one of its most beautiful chapters.
If you are in a bad situation don’t worry it’s tell change if you are in a good situation don’t worry it all change.
You have no idea how my heart beats when I see you.
Never give up on someone you love. Great things take time.
I love your hugs so much that I hug you in my dreams.
When the power of love overcomes the love of power the world will know peace
Love looks not with the eyes, but with the mind.

Romantic love you status
I can never let me heart break if it beats for you. I can never let my smile fade if it smiles for you. I can never let my love end if its for YOU.I tried but I can’t stop thinking about you.
To the world you maybe but one, but to one you might be the world.
Love is a fabric which never fades, no matter how often it is washed in the water of adversity and grief.
Every friendship does not change into love but every love begins with friendship.
The greatest pleasure of life is love.
It feels so good to wake up with you in the morning.
All I want is to sleep and wake up next to you.
Real love stories never have endings.
I will love the sun for it warms my soul. I will love the rain for it cleanses my spirit. I will love the light, for it shows me the way. But I love you most, for you are my dream come true.
You are responsible for your own Happiness. If you expect others to make you Happy, chances are you’ll always end up Disappointed.
Missing someone is your hearts way reminding you that you love them a lot.
I Know I’M Not Your First Love But I Hope I Will B The Last For You.
We fight, we kiss, we hug, we text, we talk, we argue, we laugh, we smile, we love, that is us.
Love is not complicated, people are.
Good times become good memories and bad times become good lessons.

Romantic love you status
There is never a time or place for true love. It happens accidentally, in a heartbeat, in a single flashing, throbbing moment.
Life is messy and love is messier.
Cute lady need cute boy and I’m here for the same.
Sometimes we forgive people who don’t even deserve it.
Love means two minds without a single thought.
Happiness means you.
There is no reason to say I love you without a way to prove that it is undeniably true and sincere.
It was not love at first sight. It took a full five minutes.

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