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Advance Birthday Wishes

Advance Birthday Wishes

Tomorrow is your day naughty good lad hehehe. Fun is going to be unlimited, have a great celebration. I’ll be there tomorrow to whoop you!
Let us throw you an advance birthday party, a birthday party, and a belated birthday party! Cheers in advance!
I am so proud of myself because I beat all the reminders and notifications of your bday.
I could not wait for your bday to make a wish for you, so I will do it now.
The best time for me to wish you a happy birthday is now, I’m sure to forget later in the day. May the good Lord bless and enrich you in all your ways. Happy Birthday to you brother.
There are many ways to tell someone happy birthday. My way is going to come a bit early. But it is only going to set you up with success later. Happy early birthday!
I like to be the first who will congratulate you with the birthday. I hope you know how much I love you. You are very special to me. Live happily and brightly. Happy Birthday!
I am a forgetful person, but for my favorite persons I always remember in advance.
You are always on my mind, so let me wish you the best ahead of others. Advance happy birthday to you, sweetheart.
You are the first one i tell everything to, So I should also be the first one to wish you…Happy Birthday in Advance.

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
I feel so heartbroken to be away from your birthday celebration, but that doesn’t mean that you are less appreciated. I wish you every best thing as you open a fresh chapter in your life. Happy early birthday!
I know that I will miss your party, so let us celebrate beforehand. (Advance Birthday Wishes)
Your worth in my life is way more than just one measly wish on your birthday. So here’s one in advance and hoping that my worth in your life is worth more than just one measly party.
I am no ordinary person in your life, so I will give you a not-so ordinary greeting too. (Advance Birthday Wishes)
You are one of the best friends I have ever known. You understand my little odd tendencies especially one’s like early birthday wishes. I just can’t help myself. Happy early birthday buddy!
Good friends don’t settle for just one greeting, instead, they shower you with lots and lots of greetings as the minutes draw closer to your special day. This is just the beginning. Happy early birthday!
The only thing that has been on my mind for some days now is your coming birthday, what a pity I won’t be there. May it bring you the best tidings.

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
Unfortunately, I won’t manage to visit your birthday party, but I send you all my love and admiration. We will meet soon and we will enjoy our own party. Happy Birthday in advance, my dear friend. I love you!
Life is so short and it is not fair that we can celebrate our birthdays only once a year. I send you millions of hugs and kisses. They are on their way. Happy Birthday, my dear!
My love for you is divine and it cannot make me wait till your birthday to wish you. I wish you every good thing that life may have to offer. Have a blast!
I do not care what date is today and your birthday has not arrived yet, I want to wish you all the best right now. I am proud to be your best friend. Happy Birthday in advance, buddy!
It is a moment to appreciate God for giving you another wonderful year to enjoy great moments with me. Happy birthday to you in advance.
Happy early birthday! Let us get started on the wild times we are going to have on your birthday. I know that you are a fan of waiting and building the anticipation but we got to enjoy the opportunity right now!
We prepare for events in life in advance, which is why I am now greeting you days before your bday.
You are never going to know what to do when you get a beautiful wish unexpectedly. Like…. right………………………… now! Happy early birthday!
I would rather be early than late in greeting my favorite person.

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
I found purpose under your guidance; you have form an integral part in my destiny and because of that. I want to wish you a wonderful happy birthday in advance.
Your birthday is always a day to look forward to, and now I can’t wait because I know that it’s a day to merry and feel great like never before. Happy birthday in advance.
I always think in advance, and greeting you for your bday is no exception.
I want you to feel extra special on your birthday, so let me greet you in advance.
I wish that happy memories would fill your bday. Wa
I don’t know what I would do without a friend like you who can understand these birthday wishes that came way too early! You are the best. Enjoy your day!
You may not know how much I value you in my life, and I want to show you that by greeting you way ahead of others.
It was raining on the day you were born Guess why? Because God did not want to let you go From His heavenly abode! Happy Birthday Dear!
I must be away from you on your special day, but don’t let this spoil everything. We’ll have a blast when I get home.

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
Because I’m the first man in your life, the first and the last husband you’ll have, the ugliest but the finest man to you. Hehehe. Let me be the first to wish you a happy birthday my sweetheart. It’ll be a special year.
Dear lover, I wish you a happy and wonderful advance happy birthday. I hope my wishes reach you soon and make your mood more happy and loved.
I’d rather choose advanced than belated. A special person like you deserves all the very best in advanced! Happy early birthday!
It is never too early to celebrate a beautiful soul such as yours wishing you a birthday full of excitement and love dear. Have a happy coming birthday dearest soul.
Here’s your first birthday wish from me. I want to send you one on your birthday as well. In fact I like you so much, I’m sending a belated wish too.
All your friends will remember to greet you on your special day, but I will make you feel special even before that day.
My dear friend, I have a habit to greet people I love in advance, because I want to be the first who will wish you all the best for the rest of your life. You are number one on the list I love and care about. Happy Birthday, bro!

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
Since I won’t see you on your actual birthday, I thought it would be WAY less lame to say “Happy Birthday Sweet Friend” early instead of late!
Greeting you is a race, and I want to be in first place. Best birthday wishes to you in advance!
Happy early birthday to you! I won’t be able to be there but I still want to send my love and wishes. Leave me cake!
Usually, I am always lazy and late, but when it is the birthday of my friend, I want to be the first who will greet him. Happy Birthday, sweetheart!
Life without you would be boring and that is why I celebrate you for your upcoming birthday. Love you to bits, have the most fun on that day my dear.
I can’t wait to greet you with your birthday. Well, maybe I am too impatient, but who said that friend can’t congratulate their best friends in advance. Happy early birthday, sweetheart.
I may not be able to access you on your bday, but know that my heart will only beat for you on that day.
The mark of a true best friend is genuinely remembering your friend’s birthday well in advance before the actual day of her birthday. Advance Birthday Wishes, my best friend.
Today is when you can expect anything from us. Giving it is our choice!

Advance Birthday Wishes In English
I would rather remember your birthday ahead than remember it late.
May this celebration bring you nothing but good time and happy memories as you celebrate your birthday, happy birthday in advance. Enjoy it.
I could not bear to think that you are turning much older, so let me greet you before that fateful day comes.
If you can’t attend the birthday party of your friend, you should send him your best wishes and bit in advance. You can even meet a bit before his birthday to greet him and present his birthday gift. Prepare a nice card, inserting the following before birthday wishes. Your friend will feel your love straight away, even if you are far away from him.
Happy early birthday my friend. You are going to have one of the best days of the year coming soon. I know this because thanks to my incredible birthday wish, you will be insanely happy. Trust me; I know what I am talking about.
However much I hate giving you advance greetings without any advance treats, I still want to greet you your bday in advance!
An early happy birthday wish for someone amazing! I hope your day is a blast and that this is a year where all your dreams and wishes come true.

Birthday Wishes In Advance

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