Arvind Kejriwal Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

 Whatever we say here today is not against any party or person. We are not here to do politics. I have not stood up here to save a government… we want swaraaj, the people’s rule, in Delhi.
 We are not here for vote-bank or power politics. We are here to change the politics of the country
 We were born to remove the arrogance of big parties. We should be wary that no other party has to take birth to dismantle us.
 It is not Kejriwal who took oath today but it is the common man…it is the victory of the common man.
 The road to truth is not easy but full of thorns and we will face all future challenges.
 We are not here to grab power but to give governance back in the hands of people. Now, 1.5 crore people of Delhi will run the government.
 We had lost all hope and thought that politics is hooliganism and corruption. But in Delhi Assembly elections, people have proved that politics can be done with honesty, elections can be fought and won with honesty.
 I know Harshvardhan personally and can say that he is a good man, but I can’t say about his party. I appeal to Congress, BJP and other parties. If you feel we are going the right way, forget your parties and support us.
 Anna used to say that politics is dirty. Two-and-a-half years back, Annaji held a 13-day fast to remove corruption and to get the Janlokpal bill passed. In these last two years, we did every possible thing. We fasted, agitated but nothing happened. Gradually it became clear that without changing country’s politics we cannot get rid of corruption.
 I used to suggest Anna that if we want to clean the system, then we will have to get down in this ‘dirty politics.
 I don’t believe that all bureaucrats are corrupt. I will not hesitate in admitting that most officers are honest.
 Who is an aam aadmi? AAP believes that the middle class is part of the aam aadmi, anyone who is tired of this corrupt system is aam aadmi.
 So far, the honest were sidelined in the government and the corrupt were rewarded. Now, this will change, honesty will be rewarded and the corrupt will be punished.
 If we walk the path of honesty, honesty will ultimately win.
 Nothing is impossible if we can come together.
 Delhi’s aam aadmi has taken the lead in telling the country as to which direction the national politics should go.
 I was reading two people died of cold in Delhi. Millions have been spent after independence and perhaps this could have been avoided if the money was well-spent. Where did all the money go? The aam aadmi wants to know. We must acknowledge that politics in this country has been criminalised.
 The politicians of this country challenged the aam aadmi to fight elections and come into the legislatures and frame laws. Those leaders forgot that the aam aadmi tills the land, netas don’t. Aam aadmi goes to the moon, netas don’t. Left with no option, aam aadmi decided that we will fight elections.
 I did not believe in God but I now do. I believe that truth can never lose… It was an impossible fight, who would have thought that a one-year-old party will win 28 seats.
 There is an odd VIP raj prevalent. They stop the traffic for every minister… I have been driving the past few days. I stop at all red lights. I don’t think my time is wasted (while looking at the opposition)
 In any case of sexual harassment, the culprits must get the strictest punishment within three-six months.
 The people of Delhi have dared to root out corruption in India’s politics. The question before this house is which of its members wants to be a part of this fight?

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