Robin Sharma Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

 Goal-getting matters. And writing down the brave acts and bold dreams you intend to accomplish will provide the spark to get them done.
 Sometimes success isn’t about making the right decision, it’s more about making some decision.
 Investing in yourself is the best investment you will ever make. it will not only improve your life, it will improve the lives of all those around you.
 Never overlook the power of simplicity.
 The purpose of life is the life of purpose.
 I once read that people who study others are wise but those who study themselves are enlightened”.
 A little bit of fragrance always clings to the hands that gives you roses.
 Change is hardest at the beginning, messiest in the middle and best at the end.
 Life tests the big dreamers the Passionate revolutionaries.
 Push yourself to do more and to experience more. Harness your energy to start expanding your dreams. Yes, expand your dreams. Don’t accept a life of mediocrity when you hold such infinite potential within the fortress of your mind. Dare to tap into your greatness.
 What gets measured gets improved.
 If you really want to be world class – to be the best you can be – it comes down to preparation and practice.
 All great thinkers are initially ridiculed – and eventually revered.
 Big people don’t make people feel small.
 Awareness precedes choice and choice precedes results.
 Want more credit for all you do and who you are? Be the one who gives credit to others.
 Life’s had to break you down so you could be rebuilt.
 Victims recite problems, leaders provide solutions.
 Worry drains the mind of its power and, sooner or later, it injures the soul.
 Because the moment you stop doing the very things that got you to the top of the mountain is the very moment you begin the slid down to the valley.
 … saying that you don’t have time to improve your thoughts and your life is like saying you don’t have time to stop for gas because you’re too busy driving.” –

 Mistake is a mistake only if you make it twice…
 Every second you spend thinking about what you don’t want in your life is a second denying focus and energy from getting what you do want. Every minute you worry about what’s not working is a minute drawn away from creating what will work. And every hour spent reflecting on the disappointments of the past is an hour stolen from seeing the possibilities that your future holds.
 The business of business is relationships; the business of life is human connection.
 Laughter opens your heart and soothes your soul. No one should ever take life so seriously that they forget to laugh at themselves.
 Success on the outside means nothing unless you also have success within.
 Getting lost along your path is a part of finding the path you are meant to be on.
 For your life to be great,your faith must be bigger than your fear.
 Small daily improvements over time create stunning results.
 I’ve heard that the best way to help poor people is to make sure you don’t become one of them.
 We grow fearless when we do the things we fear.
 Victim fall in love with excuses.
 Daily ripples of excellence -over time- become a tsunami of success.
 The more successful you and your organization become, the more humble and devoted to your customers you need to be.
 We have a normal. As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.
 Some of life’s best pleasures are simplest ones. Enrich your life with more of them and your heart will be happy.
 Knowledge is only potential power. For the power to be manifested, it must be applied.
 There is a huge value placed in our world on doing what everyone else is doing and thinking as everyone else is thinking.
 You cannot pursue success; success ensues. It flows as the unintended but inevitable by–product of a life spent serving people and adding value to the world.
 Remember some books are meant to be tasted, some books are meant to be chewed and, finally, some books are meant to be swallowed whole.
 We live in a world where many of us have a lot of friends on Facebook but yet we have lost human connection.
 Give out what you most want to come back.
 We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future.
 Your “I CAN” is more important than your IQ.
 The smallest of actions is always better than the noblest of intentions.

Thoughts to Inspire Success in Your Life and Business

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