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Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend

A king was born today, you are the ruler of my life and without you, I would lose will and direction. I hope you live longer than all the stars in the sky!
Every Girlfriend want their man to take them out even on his birthday, but today I want to take good care of you at home because you are the best. Happy Birthday boyfriend.
Happy birthday to a man who never does anything wrong – on his birthday. Love you, babe.
Here’s a birthday wish for my prince who means the world to me. Without you, my life would be average and my home would not be a castle. I love you, babe.
I have shared my heart with a lot of people, but if they removed you from my heart, they would have removed the largest part of it. I love you so much. Happy Birthday Boyfriend.
I used to think my one true love was ice cream- then I met you. Want to go grab some? Happy birthday.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, one candle would do the trick because you are truly one of a kind. Thanks for being you and Happy Birthday!
May you grow older than the hills, happier than the richest man in the world and more blessed than the pope. Happy birthday my boyfriend, always wishing you the best!

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend
One more year has gone by, and you become more charming and graceful with each passing day. So smile and eat loads of cake to make your Birthday truly special. Happy Birthday, Dear.
The only thing better than having you for my boyfriend is getting to share this day with you. I love that I can call you mine. Happy birthday.
To another year together- no matter what happens in the future, we can do anything together! I love you lots and happy birthday to my one and only.
When you first laid eyes on me, I have never been more terrified. I was scared because I saw a man that was going to make me mine. Happy birthday my loving boyfriend.
You are the key to my happiness. May you grow wiser and more genuine with each passing year. Happy Birthday, my dear.
Your kisses are sweet like cupcakes. Your hugs bring me warmth like a blanket. Being with you is the greatest gift so thank you for sharing your birthday with me. Happy Birthday from your one and only.

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend
A lot of people give credit to you for coping with all of my flaws. Thank to you I’m a changed person. I owe my life and all the love I have in my life to you. Happy Birthday. Stay blessed.
Every missing part of me is found in you. You are the piece that completes my puzzle. Happy Birthday.
Happy birthday to my adorable boyfriend! I can‘t imagine my life without you, honey, wishing you the greatest happiness that can be!
Hey boy, you are the greatest everyday gift for us two! Happy Birthday.
I hear them say, “Never say never.” But when it comes to you, I am NEVER letting go. Wishing you a lovely birthday.
I want to get the colors of your love in my entity. You are my life. Happy birthday, love of life.
It seems to me that God has designed our paths to be together, you’re so loving and so romantic. I’ve never seen a man like you. Happy Birthday. You’re loved.
May your every birthday wish be fulfilled before you blow out the candles. Dream big, my love. You are capable of amazing things!
One of the best feelings in life is finally finding the one person you can be yourself around. With you, I can always let my guard down. Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend
The pieces of my life was brought together by your love and care for me, it wouldn’t have been possible without you. You’re my perfect definition of partner. Happy Birthday Boyfriend. You’re loved.
To my best friend, my soul mate and my partner: Happy Birthday, my love!
When you hold me, I feel like I am home, so safe and warm inside. Happy birthday to the man that I love with all my heart!
You are the most exciting chapter of my life. May this chapter of love never ends. Wish you a very happy birthday, my dear boyfriend.
Your love is like a solid, unchanging rock. Thank you for always being there for me. Today, on your birthday, I want to let you know how very special you are to me. Happy sweet birthday I love you Boy!
A message for my King: You are so handsome. Your love brings out the Queen in me.
Every time you look at me, you make me blush. Every time you touch me, I melt like butter. I love you baby. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday to my hero, who has stood by me in all times. I feel so blessed that you are mine and I am yours.
Hey boyfriend, here’s me sending you hugs, kisses and warm wishes on your birthday. I love you lots and Happy Birthday!

Birthday Messages For Boyfriend
I heard someone say that our first love is not always our truest love, but it seems to be different with you. No one is like you. Happy Birthday my adorable boyfriend!
I want to hug you and never let go. That would never work though. So I will have to try it behind the door. I love you baby. Happy birthday.
It was so hard to move on from my previous relationship because I thought it was the best. But you proof me wrong by showing me the best. Happy Birthday best boyfriend ever.
Me and you are just like bread and butter, perfect for each other. Happy Birthday!
People used to say that I am crazy for you; I don’t care about them as I have played the game of heart and plundered it on your way. Happy Birthday, my love.
The warmth of your body makes me feel great every night, the muscles of your hands grips me well and makes me feel loved. Happy Birthday to my awesome man.

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