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Birthday Quotes For Friend

Birthday Quotes For Friend

Friend, is your old age getting to you now? Well if it will make you feel any better just know that it won’t last that long. You can’t be old forever! Get out and enjoy your day. Happy Birthday!
Happiness begins with your smile and let your smile change the world dear. Happy birthday to you. Have fun.
Happy birthday idiot, may your day be full of surprises and you cut innummerable cakes.
Happy Birthday to my BFF and may your every wish come true!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful and gorgeous soul in my life. Your presence had brought me so much, love, fun, and joy to my life. Wish you have best Birthday pretty girl..!!! May you grow even stronger, ever brighter and even more charming than you are this very moment
Happy Birthday! Did you want to go tour the old folks home and pick up an application? I hear BINGO is on Tuesdays and wheelchair races are Saturday at 2pm.
Happy Birthday. I am finding it impossible to convey into words what your friendship means to me. I am either linguistically challenged or else our friendship is just that extraordinary there are no words. I hope you have an incredible day!
Have a Twinkie Day: full of delight, loved by everyone and never-ending.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Hey it’s your birthday and I just wanted to let you know that you’ll never have to face a problem alone. I may not be able to solve every problem but I’ll always be here for you when you need me.
I bought you an iron for your birthday. I know they say as you get older you start getting a few creases…I wanted to make sure you were prepared. I know. I know. I am a very thoughtful friend. Happy Birthday!!
I have three important dates in my calendar. Christmas, New Year’s Eve and my best friend’s birthday! So, Happy Birthday!
I know you’re not big on gifts, so I gave you an anti-gift by stealing your car.
I wish this birthday brings you lots of love, laughter, and happiness in your life. Have a fantastic birthday fulfilling all your dreams, desires and goals this year. I promise to be on your side on all your days. Happy Birthday my one and only bestest person
I would volunteer as a tribute like Katniss in the Hunger Games if it meant I was saving your life… AND starring alongside Josh Hutcherson. Happy Birthday! May the odds forever be in your favor.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
It’s a well known fact that cake and ice cream are 100% fat free, calorie free, sugar free, GMO free, gluten free, and contains no high fructose corn syrup… on your birthday. Happy Birthday, my sweet friend!
It’s your day to be spoiled, so if I see you touching the dishes I’ll punch you.
Let’s make your birthday a day that you will always remember. Happy Birthday, my friend! We have some serious partying to do, so let’s get to it!
May all your days be filled with memories and flowers…
May the words of love people say bring a smile for you today.
May you have an amazing birthday today!
May your day be as happy as you make me as a best friend.
My friend, I hope you have a glorious morning, a beautiful day and an exhilarating night on your birthday!
Nothing can be as joyous as spending time with you, let today be the best of all so far. Happy birthday friend, you are loved.
On your birthday, I wish you lots of joy and happiness!
Remember age is nothing without number; it’s you who decide how young heart you want to keep. Happy birthday.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Thank you for being the source of my happiness and strength!
The value of a friendship isn’t measured by time, but rather by the moments and memories shared. We may not be lifelong friends, but you truly are my best friend. Happy birthday bff!
Warm and heartfelt birthday wishes for friend can brighten up their day!
Wish God will bless you with everything that you desire to have, will solve every problem in your life, and will give enough strength to fight against the odds. Wish you a very happy birthday.
Wishing my friend a beautiful day; hopes and dreams I’m sending your way. May all be good and all come true on this very special day!
With us crazies as best friends, I’m surprised we’ve survived this long! Happy Birthday buddy!
You are such a special friend, who deserves a special day, for being who you are and bringing joy in every way. You make me smile and laugh, with everything you do. So today I get to send a special Birthday wish to you!
Your birthday is also mine to celebrate. Happy birthday dear. Lets have fun together today.
A man who views the world the same at fifty as he did at twenty has wasted thirty years of his life.
How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?
The golden age is before us, not behind us.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
With mirth and laughter let old wrinkles come.
A day brim full of all things good is a friend’s fond wish for you.
Birthdays are the most special day in a person’s life. I hope you enjoy yours.
Do you remember how many times did we fight with each other in so many years of our relationship? I also don’t remember, but there is something unique in all those fights which I remember and that is it was always you who make up and that is why I love you the most in this world. Have a blessed birthday by bestie.
Happy birthday friend. I’m really glad that you were born.
Happy birthday to a friend who knows me better than I know myself. May your life adventures continue!
Happy Birthday To My Friend. Lookin’ good! Cheers to another fabulous year you fabulous thing you. Now get out there and get something shaken or stirred or both!

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Happy birthday! Have you ever noticed that birthday cake is the only food that you can spit and blow on, and everyone still rushes to get a piece?
Happy birthday, friend. I can’t believe it! You look a few days younger than your actual age.
Happy Birthday. Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come around once. Best wishes on your special day.
Happy Birthday. On your birthday, you’re the star! Friend, you know how to shimmer and shine all year long! May this birthday be as bright and exceptional as you are.
Happy Birthday. Wishing my fashionable friend a glamorous birthday and another year of looking fabulous! Enjoy your special day.
I am a much better person for knowing you, friend. I’m glad we can celebrate your birthday together. Happy birthday!
I have only one wish for a friend like you: may all your birthday wishes come true, adding up to 24 birthday hours of joy, wonder, warmth, hope, wisdom and, most of all, love.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
I just want you to know how special you are for me and how special you made my life. Wishing you a very special birthday dear friend. Let us celebrate this day in a very special and different way, just like the way you like it.
I wouldn’t be anywhere else but here with you on your birthday. In fact, I wouldn’t be anywhere else the rest of the year. You’re a great company. Happy birthday to my everyday friend.
It is like a musical beat when I am with you. Your friendship is really sweet. Your love and affection is making my life better and interesting. I want to be your friend for now and forever. Many more happy returns of the day my friend. May God bless you with all that you need.
Just like a diamond, you are precious. I just love having you in my life…
May the best of your past be the worst of your future.
On your special day, may everything you want in life beat a path right to your door!
Sending you oceans of love and constellations of kisses on your birthday.
To me, you’re a friend with benefits — the ones that really matter, like loyalty, support, trust, respect, kindness, honesty and, of course, free Candy Crush lives. Happy birthday, buddy!

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Today you have grown one year older, but at the same time our friendship also has grown one year older. It is on this day we met each other and become best buddies for rest of our lives. Have a great birthday my friend.
Wishing you beautiful beaches, ocean breezes and wishing upon stars that all come true!
You are my friend. You are always there for me, supporting me…
You know, friend, some things just get better with age. You’re one of them! Happy birthday.
Happy birthday – you look fabulous! What’s your secret? Don’t give me some silly rubbish about healthy diet and exercise.
I hope that you are showered with blessings, happiness and good health on your birthday.
Today, I’m sending you a birthday wish wrapped in my love. Happy birthday!
A happy birthday to a person who in dog years would already be dead.
Always stay blessed and do what you love the most.
Best friends will treat you special and will always care for you.
Birthdays come around every year, but friends like you only come once in a lifetime. I’m so glad you came into my life. Best wishes on your special day.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Childhood passes do quickly. I am so glad we were friends then and that we still are. May your day be as special as you!
Dear friend, it is your birthday today, and I just want to tell you how special you are for me. Remain the way you are and time will never put its mark on your beautiful soul! Happy birthday friend!
Don’t let any frown, rude word or cloud dampen your day today.
For many people, the word friend is just a sequence of letters. For me, it is the source of happiness and strength because of you. Happy Birthday, buddy!
Friend, may these heartfelt Birthday wishes remind you of just how important you are in my life. Have a wonderful day!
Happiness for you is not a reward, it is your gift. Happy Birthday :).
Happy birthday my dear friend, may the bright colours paint your life and you be happy forever. Stay blessed.
Happy Birthday To My Fantastic Friend. I hope this is the beginning of the best year ever!Have a great day!
Happy birthday to the most beautiful person I have ever meet on this earth. Happy birthday.
Happy Birthday. Thank you for always making me happy. I hope that coming year is filled with much love and happiness.

Birthday Quotes For Friend
Have an awesome birthday, my dear friend!
Hey! It’s your birthday. Which means it’s time to put on that crown. You are a queen today and we are your loyal subjects. What mischief would her majesty like to get into?
I can never complain about your stupidity because i am equally responsible for the same. Happy birthday to my partner in crime. More mischiefs to come.
I have three wishes for you on your birthday. First, I wish that this Birthday teaches you something new and beautiful. Second, I wish that you have a day that you’ll remember forever with a smile. And third, I wish that such days keep coming in every single day.
I learnt the meaning of true friendship from you. Happy birthday my friend. Always going to be there for you.
I wish this day will be the most special day of your life after receiving countless good wishes from me. Happy birthday, bro.
I’m so thankful I found a friend like you! May every candle, star and wishbone you wish on bring you luck in everything.
It’s been proven that the peoples, who live longer in the earth, celebrate more happy birthdays.
Let’s make this day even more fun!

Birthday Quotes For Friend
May each candle, smile and Happy Birthday be a sign of good things still to come.
May this birthday bring you something beautiful!
May you have many happy moments and joy. Happy Birthday buddy.
May your day be as joy-filled and wonderful as it can possibly be.
My gift is not an iPhone, but countless blessings, good wishes and the good memories that will make your birthday full of happiness. May God bless you, happy birthday.

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