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happy holi wishes in english

Happy Holi Wishes In English

Celebrate the festival of Holi with great spirit to make it memorable till next Holi. Have a happy and wonderful life.
Neela, peela, hara, gulaabi yeh sab to ek bahaana hain
Happy Holi to my wonderful friend and your lovely family. I am going to miss you guys a lot in this season of festivals.
There is nothing without water, no enjoyment without water, so enjoy this festival with water balloons, Happy Holi!
Holi ke shubh avsar standard khana pena aur rang udana. Is mauj masti mein humein naa bhul jana. Bhagwan de aapko khushiyan hazar, bhar de aapki jholi is baar. Best Glad Holi wishes to you.
You’re so beautiful and I wish to apply some colors on you to make you more beautiful on this Holi. Happy Holi My Dear Friend!
It’s your love that gives me the strength to persevere and warm my heart. Thank you to stand by my side and for all your prayers and cares. Wishing you the best ever Holi celebration!

Happy Holi Wishes
Barish ho rang ka, Khushi our umang ka, Holi manaye kuchh is tarah, Sath chhute na apno ke sang ka.
May the celebration of hues light up your existence with bliss, wellbeing and achievement. May you are honored with harmony and thriving. Wishing you and your family Upbeat Beautiful Holi 2018. holi wishes for colleagues
Even though I’m far away from you, out of India, I can feel the colours of Holi celebrations. I wish you all a colourful Holi. I wish Holi festival paint your life with colours of happiness…
On this auspicious occasion of Holi, I Hope the canvas of your life gets painted with the cutest colors of happiness. Happy Holi!
Holi is an ideal time to, Rekindle family bond, Develop kinship, Express your adoration to family and companion, And offer fun and joy. Have a favored and significant Holi!
Together as we are growing older and changing with times, swear upon God there is one thing that will never change. I will always love you as I do. Happy Holi sweetheart!
I wish a Happy Holi to everyone. Let the colors of Holi fill your heart with peace and love.
A joy of colorful stream I hope you are in this with me. Happy Holi my dear friend…
Loads of wishes for Holi from my family to yours. Happy Holi.

Happy Holi Wishes
May you have the most blessed Holi festival than you ever had, May it be full of fun, joy and love, may you be as colorful as the festival itself or even more. Lets all have lots of fun.
Happy Holi to you and your family, Celebrate with water and colors. Fly kites! Get drunk. Just like I am right now. Happy Holi once again.
Sher Kabhi Chupkar Shikar Nahi Kartebujdil Kabhi Khulkar Var Nahi Karte Aur ham Wo Hai Jo Happy Holi Kahne K Liye Holi Ka Intzar Nahi Karte.
Holi ki Shubh Kaamnaein. Bhaiyon aur beheno, Holi ke rango mein khoob rangna aur khushiyan manana.
Wishing you happy Holi, have a wonderful day of the festival. Dip yourself in colors and remain colorful for the whole of your life.
Just like a red rose that fills the world with beauty & fragrance… You have made my life so beautiful by being in it. On Holi… the festival of colors & joy I wanna say thank you for all the love & smiles you’ve brought to my life. Happy Holi
Be a free bird, to play with the vibrant colors of Holi. ― Happy Holi
May the color balloons of Holi fill your Life with Joy and happiness. Happy Holi!
Every color of Holi speaks how beautiful our friendship is! ― Happy Holi 2019
On this day let the color shower love which dwells in our hearts. Let’s sing along together the ballad of love.
Holi is here, bringing with it hues of fabulous colors. So, soak in all the colors of Holi and have a great time.

Happy Holi Wishes
Together we are an ideal rainbow, flawlessly offsetting each other with our novel characteristics… . Wishing a superb and bright Upbeat Holi to you and your relatives… May you appreciate this vivacious day with your dear ones and have a memory for lifetime.
I wish a very Happy Holi to Parminder and her family. Hope we celebrate this colorful festival altogether.
A little wish for you on the auspicious occasion of Holi. May you always be healthy, content and happy. Wishing you and your family a Happy Holi.
Loving you is not a choice or an option or something ordinary. Loving you is the best thing and something most compulsory. Let’s repaint an everlasting love story on this Holi.
Celebrating the colors of our beautiful relationship, I wish you and your family all the bright hues of life. Have a colorful Holi!
May you have the most honored holi celebration than you at any point had. May it be brimming with fun,joy and love. May you be as vivid as the celebration itself or much more. Gives every one of the a chance to have a ton of fun. Happy Holi Wishes 2019 !
Happy Holi Wishes 2019 to you and your family. We wish your wellbeing, success and business accomplishments at this prismic shading eve.
Soak your soul in the spirit of Holi and make the big and entertaining with lots of gathering, music and cuisines.

Happy Holi Wishes
Hope you smile always and your friends paint you with every color of happiness. ― Happy Holi!
Wishing you prosperity, success, joy, and achievement in all phases of life. Have a happy and blessed Holi!
Just The Way your imagination gives me happiness, same way I want my message to keep you happy. I remember you from the bottom of my heart my dear love on this Holi. I hope you understand this feeling of Emptiness. Happy Holi Wishes 2019 For Friends
Be cheerful all through the year by adding different shades in your as well as your close one’s life.
May the colors of Holi make your life as colorful and happy as they are. ― Wish you a very Happy Holi
Every day needs to be colorful. but seldom it is So, stock yourself for a whole year..! Happy Holi..!
On your pink cheeks pink color, on your red lips red colors, on your beautiful face all the colors. ― Happy Holi 2019
Holi is Here, Pinch of Red and a pinch of green, Joyful colors all are seen, With love n with happiness. Wishs of Holi all I mean, wishing you a colourful, joyful and loaded with happiness.
Uthao rango ki goli, Laga do hr ladki k gulal ki rangoli, Muskuraye to do baahon ki jholi, Agar ho ghussa to side ho kar bolo, ‘Happy Holi’
I wish Holi will bring peace and happiness.
A splash of red I send you, a tinge of blue to cool the hue. A rush of green for warmth and rest or you and your family wishes. Happy Holi!
Luck is yours and wishes are mine. May your future always be bright. May you succeed in whatever you do and find happiness wherever you go. Best of Luck.

Happy Holi Wishes
Cheerful Holi wishes to you and your family. May you are presented with wellbeing, flourishing and achievement in your vocation. May your life is loaded up with lovely hues. Cheerful Holi to you.
I wish you and your family happy Holi and want to see your life blissful all through the year just like the wonderful colors.
Har khushi apki rahe, har muskan apke hothon par saji rahe, Rang bhare iss tyohar ki tarha, apki zindagi bhi rangeen rahe.*HAPPY HOLI*
Splendid hues, water inflatables, rich gujiyas and pleasant melodies are the elements of immaculate Holi. Wish you an extremely glad and superb Holi.
I always feel happy whenever Holi comes because Holi gives mewing to fly in the air with all colors of the festival. ― Wish you a very Happy Holi
Wishing you the best Holi celebration, Filled with joy and sweet minutes, To appreciate now and always Happy Holi 2019!
Khaa ke gujiya, Pee ke bhaang, laaga ke thoda thoda sa rang, baja ke dholak aur mridang, khelenge holi hum apke sang. Holi Mubarak!
Be with bright colors and joyful moments and chew the day with happiness. Happy Holi!
May the festival of Holi add vibrant colours to your life. Happy colourful Holi!
Every holiday is not a HoliDay. Have fun . Happy Holi!!
Our Beautiful and colorful relationship wants to celebrate the Holi with our family and Friends. Be with me. Happy Holi!
Holi is not only about colors and sweets. It reminds of the divine and eternal love of Krishna and Radha. It also reminds one of Narashima, Prahlada and Hiranyakashyapa and thus the fact that ‘Truth and Humanity are invincible forces in the Universe’.

Happy Holi Wishes
Very Happy and Colourful Holi to U and Ur Family. I wish that this year will bring every moment with happiness.
I wish that colors of romance and love, colors of happiness and joy, colors of smiles and affection get deeper and darker with each and every day of our life. Happy Holi My Love
A touch of green I send to you, A drop of blue to cool the Hue, A tinged of red for warmth & rest for a colorful Holi! Happy and colorful Holi!
Mahange rang gulaal hue hain, mahnge shakkar tel, ab baaki tyohaar mein. MANHGAAI ZINDABAAD HAPPY HOLI.
Chhod diye Wo DHANDE Jinke Anjaam The GANDE Pura Mahina Nek Kamo Me Bitaenge: Ab holi K Baad Hi Nayi Ladki Pataenge..
May your life be filled with happiness and may you be successful in whatever you do. Wishing you a very happy Holi.
Har rang aap pe barse, Har koi apse Holi khelne ko tarse, Rang de aapko sab itna, Ki aap rang chhudane ko tarse Happy Holi.
Strengthen the bond of love in your family by spending time with them this Holi. They are the true asset of life.

Happy Holi Wishes
I am feeling lonely without YOU. I wish I could celebrate this Holi with You.
Wishing you the best of Holi, celebrate the festival with blessings of elders, love of partner and affections of children.
Khushi Ke Is Pal Mein Ye Dil Bus Muskuraye, Har Gam Bhula Ke Pyar Bharey Sapne Sajaye In Haseen Palon Ki Khushbu Is Dil Ko Bahut Bhaaye, Shayad In Palon Ka Sangam He Jannat Kahlaye Happy Holi
Before I met you my life was just a blank canvas. Then you came and filled it with colors and made me the happiest person alive. Thank you for being the rainbow in my life.

Happy Holi Wishes

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