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Happy Teddy Day Status

This is a cute teddy bear to my cute wifewho is surely my life. I want to tell you that never leave me in life.
Who said teddy’s aren’t real… I mean just look at you!!… You are the most adorable teddy, my love!…
By gifting you this teddy I want to show am ready to make you mine and fill my life with sunshine.
You know there is only one person who can compete with teddy in terms of cuteness and it is you my love.
Happy teddy day, dear! Remember those days we use to celebrate the whole valentine week. I love you a lot.
I really look forward to meeting you everyday because of those warm hugs.
A teddy bear is a faithful friend you can pick him up at either end, his fur is the colour of breakfast toast, and he’s always there when you need him most. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
Love doesn’t know the rules, love just knows how to shine, happy teddy day sweetheart, I am yours and you are mine!
Happy teddy bear day my sweetheart. I love you a lot and you are my favorite teddy. Trust me!
Teddies are soft teddies are cute they may old or new. But they are always huggable and cuddled. Same is you.
This is what I want to do, as my love is my virtue, you are special on every single day, wish you a happy teddy day!
It’s Teddy Bear Day, I just wanted to say I LOVE YOU VERY MUCH!

Happy Teddy Day Status
You are eternal like love, You are cute as the stuffed toy, Take this teddy as my heart, It’s filled with my love and my joy!
On this teddy bear day, I am sending you a teddy bear But the bad thing is that It can’t compete with you in cuteness.
Here’s this teddy, saying I am so ready to love you, miss you and cuddle you forever.
I touch my teddy, I hug my teddy, and I love my teddy, I kiss my teddy, And my teddy is my valentine.
Wish you a happy teddy bear day, always be happy and be my teddy bear for life time.
Charles Barkley, I used to watch him growing up, Then I met him. He was a big teddy bear.”
You know what, ur hairs are softer than teddy’s hair, eyes shiner than teddy, and ur cutter than teddy, love you!
Teddies are sweet teddies are cute, teddies are soft teddies may b huge. But these are for the one whom I love and who is more sweet cute and soft than a teddy. I love you. Happy teddy day and happy valentines day in advance..
To be always with you a life with you, I hope, I dream; to be always with you, how wonderful, it does seem Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Happy Teddy Day Status
A teddy bear is like a friend you hug it, and cry to it when you are sad you talk to it when you feel alone! it doesnt matter what color, size or condition its in, its there for you no matter what. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
Love is like a chewing gum, it tastes only in the beginning! But friendship is like chocolate, it tastes till it ends!’ Happy Teddy Day to my best friend!
Happy teddy bear day my sweetie, I love you a lot. You are the cutest girl I know and I always want to be ur frd.
Hey you, happy teddy bear day, I know you are crazy for teddies, but I didn’t tell you ever that ur my teddy bear.
I wish I was a teddy bear in your room that lay in your bed so when you hug it you hug me instead…
Just like your fluffy Teddy Bear, I also want to be your friend for life and start by your side. Happy Teddy Day!
You are in my heart and mind wherever I go, on teddy bear day I would like to say, I care more than you know.
On this Teddy Day I want to tell you, you are more warm, cute and cuddly than any teddy bear.. Love you!!
Teddy bear day is a day of love, It’s a day when you find your true love. A day of hearts and Yummy Candies. A day when cupid hits you with a love arrow. A day when you find your teddy bear, will you be mine?
To my cutest cuddly wife Who is certainly my life This teddy bear is a sign That you will be forever mine Happy teddy bear day!

Happy Teddy Day Status
Wishing cute and lovely teddy bear day to my lovely and adorable wife. I am always ready to fall in love with you.
Do not close your eyes to the one who opened your heart.Happy teddy bear day.
You may not be able to hug me but you can surely hug this teddy bear.
How I can forget to wish my wife happy teddy bear day as you are cutest girl in my life.
I wish I was a teddy bear that lay close to you, so everytime you cuddled it. You cuddled me instead.
And I found my paradise in you, you are the most precious treasure. Just want to say I’ll always love you.
Love knows no reason, love knows no lies. Love defies all reasons, love has no eyes. But love is not blind, love sees but doesn’t mind. Happy Teddy Day To All!
Happy teddy bear day sweetheart. I am sending you a cute teddy as a symbol of love . Love you baby.
Teddy bear day. I love my teddy. Happy teddy bear day You are my sweetest teddy bear. Happy Teddy Bear Day My Dear…
To the cutest teddy I know – I love you, miss your bear hugs.
Last teddy day was so special for me, This was the day I met you, This was the day I said you, I love you.
You are just like a teddy-warm, sweet and cuddly too. Today is teddy day so I am sending you a teddy for softness and love. Keep both teddy close to your heart -both mean teddy and me!
People call you at fatso, but for me you my cute, bubbly, chubby teddy bear. I love you and happy teddy bear day.
How many children, do you suppose, have carried a lifelong resentment of parents responsible for the surreptitious removal of their Teddy Bears?

Happy Teddy Day Status
I wish I was a teddy bear, that lay upon your bed. So every time you cuddled it, you cuddled me instead.
Wishing happy teddy bear day to a real teddy. Hope you won’t mind me saying you teddy.
Don’t miss to see my gift, open it with the love and bond we share, you will like this small teddy, that reflects my passion and care!
You’re In My Thoughts And In My Heart Wherever I May Go On Teddy Bear Day I’d Like To Say I Care More Than You Know
Teddy bear doesn’t have heart Bcozit is wholly filled with love. Love me like a teddy bear, kiss me like a teddy bear, hug me like a teddy bear.
Today on this teddy day, I want to wish the sweetest girl cuter than the teddy.
Are you missing me? Are you feeling lonely and gloomy? I have something for you, I just sent you a nice teddy, Happy Teddy Day!
Love me Love my Teddy Bear, Kiss me Kiss me my Teddy Bear, Hug me Hug me my Teddy Bear.
Happy Teddy Bear day to my cutest cuddly sweetheart!
Hug a bear day is not how long you’ve been together; not how much you’ve given or receive; not how many times you’ve helped each other.
I wish I were a cell in your blood, so I would be sure I was somewhere in your heart. Happy Teddy Bear Day!

Happy Teddy Day Status
Let the world stop turning, let the sun stop burning, let them tell me love’s not worth going through. If it all falls apart, I will know deep in my heart, the only dream that mattered had come true in this life I was loved by you. Happy Teddy Bear Day!
You are my l’il chubby doll and I am your teddy bear!!… Miss me baby… Happy Teddy Day!!
Sending a teddy to my cutest cuddly beloved who is certainly my life.
Teddy bears don’t need hearts as they are already stuffed with love.I m ur Teddy with a big heart.
Touchy feeling just like a lovely teddy.
WITHOUT A BEAR… A bedroom without a teddy is like a face without a smile.
Even if the sun refuse to shine, the words refuse to rhyme…You will always be my valentine. Love you sweetheart…
Your are the most adorable person in this world. Happy Teddy Day, my dear!
I am fortunate to know you, that’s why I want to say, to a rare and special person: happy teddy bear day
I you were a teddy, you would have been the cutest…. Love you!… Happy Teddy Day baby!
Baby, you are so cute and cuddly…. Love you my teddy bear…. Happy Teddy Day!!
My teddy is very soft and silky, It always remains with me, It always gives me feeling of you, So touchy and so lovely.
Happy teddy bear day to my sweet, bubbly, cute friend. You know what you are cute like teddies and I’m serious.

Happy Teddy Day Status
Teddy bears like to go on morning picnics in the summertime, so they can enjoy the sunshine before it too hot for their furry selves…
Tum haste raho, nachte raho, muskurate raho, sada khil khilate raho, khush raho aur gungunate raho Teddy Day Mubaarak Ho!!!
Life is a journey, and love is what makes that journey worthwhile.
You are my teddy bear I love to be your teddy bear I love to hug you.
Sending you a replica of me to hug, adore and kiss… Happy Teddy Day Baby!
I am gifting you this teddy, to tell you that I am ready.. to make you forever mine..

Happy Teddy Day Shyari

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