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Baby Girl Names Start with B

Baby Girls Names with Meaning

Names Meaning
Baageshri Name of a raaga
Bahulika Magnified
Bakul The name of a flower
Bakula Nagakeshar flower
Bala Girl
Banani Forests
Bandhini Bound, bond
Bandhura Pretty
Banhi Fire
Bansuri Flute
Bela A flower (Jasmine)
Bhagya Lucky
Bhairavi Goddess Durga
Bhakti Devotion
Bhanuja River Yamuna
Bharani One who fulfils
Bharati Goddess Saraswati
Bhargavi Goddess Parvati
Bhavini Goddess Parvati
Bhavika righteous
Bhavana Emotion
Bhavya Magnificent
Bhoomi The earth
Bhoomika The earth
Bhuvi Heaven
Bindiya Small dot
Bipasha A river
Bishakha A star
Bulbul A songbird

Baby Girl Names Alphabetically

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