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Baby Girl Names Start with M

Baby Girls Names with Meaning

Names Meaning
Madhavi A creeper with beautiful flowers; springtime
Madhu Honey
Madhubala Sweet girl
Madhuja Made of honey
Madhula Sweet
Madhulata Sweet creeper
Madhulekha Beautiful
Madhulika Honey
Madhumati Full of honey
Madhumita Full of honey
Madhunisha Pleasant night
Madhur Sweet
Madhura Sugar
Madhuri Sweetness
Madhurima Sweetness
Madhushri The spring
Madhuvanti Who is sweet like honey
Madina Land of beauty
Mahalakshmi Goddess Lakshmi
Mahi Great earth, Heaven and earth conjoined
Mahika The earth
Mahima Greatness
Mahiya Happiness
Mahua An intoxicating flower
Maina A bird
Maithili Sita
Maitreyi A learned woman of the past
Maitri Friendship
Makshi Honeybee
Malavika A creeper
Maliha Strong, beautiful
Malika A garland
Malina Dark
Malini A garland maker
Mallika Jasmine; Queen
Mamata Affection
Manadha Giving honour
Manaka According to the mind
Manana Meditation
Mananya Deserving praises
Manal A bird
Manasa Conceived in the mind
Manasi Mental adoration,Born of the mind
Manasika Of mind
Manali A bird
Manasvi Intelligent
Manavi Wife of Manu
Manayi Wife of Manu
Manda A river
Mandakini A river
Mandira Cymbals; home
Mangalya Pious, Pure
Manika Of jewels
Manini Self respecting
Manisi Desired by heart
Manisha Intellect
Manjari The sacred basil; blossom
Manjira Ankle-bells
Manjula Sweet
Manjulika A sweet girl
Manjusha Treasure chest
Manjushri Sweet lustre
Manohari That which steel the heart
Manya Worthy of honour
Mausami Seasonal
Maya Illusion
Mayra Beloved
Mayura Illusion
Mayuri Peahen
Mayurika With peacock feathers
Medha Iintellect; Goddess Saraswati
Medhani Of intelligence
Medhya Mighty, clean, fresh
Medini The earth
Meena Precious blue stone
Meenakshi A woman wil beautiful eyes
Meera A saint
Meeta Friend
Megha Cloud,A star
Meghana Cloud
Mehal Cloud
Meher Benevolence
Mehul Cloud, Rain
Mekhala Girdle
Mena Wife of the Himalayas
Menaka A celestial dancer
Mihika Mist, Fog
Milika Desiring union
Minal A precious stone
Miraya Lord Krishna\’s devotee
Mitali Friendship
Mithi Truthful
Mithra Friend
Mohini Enchantress
Mohana Attractive
Mohita Infatuated
Moksha Salvation
Mridula Soft
Mriganayani Doe-eyed
Mrinal Lotus
Mrinali Lotus
Mrinalika Stem of lotus
Mrinalini Lotus
Mrinmayi Of the earth
Mudra Expression
Mudrika Ring
Mugdha Spellbound
Mukta Liberated; Pearl
Mukti Freedom from life and death
Mukul Bud
Muskan Smile

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