Jayalalithaa Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

 I don’t have any other interest in life other than working for the people of Tamil Nadu. My life is dedicated to the people of Tamil Nadu and work for their betterment till my last breadth.
 When something has suffered damage, and has a history, it becomes more beautiful.
 Tamil Nadu is the only State in the country, which provides rice free of cost to the people under the Public Distribution System.
 There have been several cases of cinema stars who faded out after just one or two years of success. It should be borne in mind that the income such a person  manages to earn within the short span of those two years, has to last him or her for the rest of his or her lifetime.
 Maruthur Gopalan Ramachandran (MGR) was mother, father, friend, philosopher, guide, everything to me. After mother died, he (MGR) took over my life.
 I think both are equally bad ( film and politics). But in films, a woman is an essential commodity. Whether you like it or not, you need the glamour that women can provide in films. You can’t do without them. In politics, you can do without them. They try very hard to do without them. But where people like me are concerned, it’s not so easy to just wish me away.
 Politics has for long been a male bastion. Mrs. Indira Gandhi changed all that, but still you must remember that Mrs. Indira Gandhi had all the inbuilt advantages….I don’t have a background like other women political leaders of Asia…I am a self-made woman…Nothing was handed to me on a golden platter.
 Hypocrisy is not my forte at all. That way I must say I’m a bit unconventional for a politician. The rule of the game seems to require considerable play-acting. I have acted in films before the cameras but I’m incapable of acting in real life.
 The days I spent at school were the happiest, most normal days of my life…Today I am a very different person.
 I have not forgotten any person who has contributed to my success in films.
 I’d like to stress on one thing if you constantly keep looking back and harping on what goes on in the past, you cannot go on, can’t do politics.
 I am by the people and for the people.
 I ensured, people behave well around me and I became closer only to those who had good character and were good at heart.
 I did not have any mega political alliance. I had faith in god and people of Tamil Nadu
 Anything can happen anytime.
 Even the water we drink is taxed. The only item — if I may so refer to it — that is left untaxed is the air we breathe, and even that air is not free — I mean, it is not free from pollution.
 If no industries have been developed in so many districts of the northern States, that is entirely due to the gross inefficiency and glaring acts of omission of the governments of those States.
 Tamil is also a very ancient language. In fact Tamil is not only the oldest language but the oldest living ancient classical language in the world today.
 In the cinema industry there are no guarantees or safeguards for anything.
 If the evil of black money is to be rooted out, one of the important steps towards the achievement of this goal is to enact the necessary legislation whereby the entire election expenses will be borne by the Government through the Election Commission.

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