Mahatria Ra Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

Only if there is proper balancing of colors it makes a painting. Life is all about balance
 By rendering small services to the society, we change the society, like a drop of curd added to milk changes it into curd .
 Complete honesty, freedom and understanding are the basics of any relation – Mahatria Ra
 Decide to be happy in life. Make happiness your way of life.
 Even nature adapts itself to a person, who is dedicated to his work and where ‘Give up’ doesn’t exist.
 Every tree, every flower has a season. Everyone will experience spring in their lives, not just once, but over and over .
 Expressing your feelings can cause hurt in a relationship, but, not expressing will hurt the relationship itself – Mahatria Ra
 Friends are the most important ingredient in this recipe of life – Mahatria Ra
 God has given us a gift of 86,400 seconds in a day. Have you used one to say ‘thank you’?
 Have such goals in life, even if you fail to achieve, it should be a success to human potential .
 If you want everything from life first give everything you have to life.
 In spite of all the external differences, from the deep within, we are connected to each other. We are spiritual relatives.
 Isn’t the smallest of particles enough to cause endless ripples in a still water lake?
 It can be called a “Decision”, only if, you don’t negotiate on it after making the decision else it’s a mere wish.
 It is better to suffer the solution than to suffer the problem. So don’t seek solace. Seek solutions.
 Let’s not tell each other, “I love you if you improve,” Let’s say, “I love you, no matter who you are”
 Lie needs maintenance. Truth does not.
 Never say ‘NO’ to abundance in any form. Money can do little for you, but money can do a lot though you .
 No matter how much you achieve, no matter what you accomplish if there is a spiritual vaccum in your life, your life will feel incomplete .
 Not everybody can be good at everything, but everybody can be good at something.
 Not everyone woke up this morning. So, let your first words be, “Thank you for another day of life.” Make this day count.
 Only when you have a vision for tomorrow, you will find power and purpose in your today’s work.
 People need your love much more when they are wrong than they are right .
 Play to win not to defeat.
 Success or failure is not about potential, but it is a matter of interest .
 The brush is in his hands and he has the choice of strokes. He creates what he chooses to create –
 The more you learn to leave small things small, the lesser the disturbances in life. And most things are small.
 The only way to show our love for the messenger, is by living by his message.- Mahatria Ra
 What are you going to do with your potential, use it or abuse it, is all upto you.
 When a thought is released from the seat of silence, a mere wish becomes a command to the universe.
 When life is giving you most and more. Simply celebrate the flow .
 Wherever willingness is great, challenges are never great.
 Without a guru none can cross over to the other shore.
 Yes to 3 A’s Accept, Adjust, and Appreciate. No to 3 C’s Never Criticize, Condemn, or Complain –  Mahatria Ra

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