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Christmas Wishes for Parents

Christmas Wishes for Parents

Being with you my dear parents, is the only thing in my wishlist for Santa! Merry Christmas!
Mom & Dad, I don’t wish you anything fancy, just this Christmas to bring you health and many warm hugs!
I am saving a warm spot for you two, beside me this Christmas!
Christmas wouldn’t be as great without you two! Looking forward to see you again and celebrate this Christmas all together!
It’s been a while, this Christmas please send me your kisses and your smile mother and father!
Sharing stories by the fireplace with you two, this is what’s on top of my Christmas list!
When things in my life get tough, I think of you and everything gets better. This Christmas we will be together again!
Let Christmas fill your heart with joy, like a little kid with a bright shiny toy!
My Christmas will never be blue because in my life, I have you two!
It’s the perfect time to party all night! Have a great time this Christmas mom and dad!

Christmas Wishes for Parents
Take a look into my eyes and see that my dreams of a White Christmas are only with both of you!
Christmas is the perfect opportunity to let you know that you two mean the world to me!
Socks, hat, and scarves – let’s celebrate this Christmas together in style!
Merry Christmas, my dear parents, thank you for being always there for me and I promise my love for you will never ever end!
No matter what your Christmas wish is, I wish both of you all the best! Merry Christmas my sweet parents!
Waiting by the window, thinking of you two; to be with you this Christmas is all I want to do!
My parents, my best friends – we share secrets, we share wishes, let’s make them come true and end the night with kisses!
I will fill the holidays with precious moments with you my beloved parents to cherish forever! Merry Christmas to my beloved parents!
Nothing else can make this holiday season more special than being with you two! Merry Christmas Mom and Dad!
Let us make this holiday extraordinary, especially made for both of you and me! Merry Christmas!
No matter where I go, no matter what I do, this Christmas I will run to hug both of you!
Good food, good wine, good health – these are all I wish for you to for this Christmas!
I care for you, the way you both care for me, let’s have sweet hugs by the Christmas tree!
Sparkling wine, sparkling eyes; may the stars make both of you shine tonight!
Christmas Wishes for Parents
You guys, add a lively burst of color to my Christmas season. Merry Christmas to my wonderful parents!
Shopping, wrapping gifts, cooking – nothing will make me feel tired when I’m with you, mom and dad!
My sweet parents, let this season, heal your wounds and I wish to be a season of forgiveness for all of us! Merry Christmas!
You wonder what makes me smile this Christmas – it’s the two of you even from across the miles! Have a beautiful and colorful Christmas!
My dear parents, let’s make this year the perfect Christmas and let’s make these memories last!
You two make my Christmas as precious as gold and as shiny as a polished diamond! thank you Mom & Dad!
Mom and dad, may the spirit of Christmas fill your heart tonight and all of your life!
Christmas wishes and promises to reward those who were nice. I’m sure you two will get yours!
Feel the cold play with snow, feel my warm hug, My thoughts for this Christmas, are always with you two, Mom & Dad.
Christmas Wishes for Parents
Christmas is coming and I am longing to be beside you two Mom and Dad!
Watching the snow fall, I’m thinking of the most sweet persons I know. I love you Mom and Dad!
With a bright star right above, let’s spread this Christmas cheers and love!
This holiday season, I’ll make it a new beginning for our relationship. I love both of you Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas!
Love and laughter, wine and butter, you two and me together this Christmas!
Bright blinking lights all around, the very best parents, in you two I have found!
Let the reindeers pull you two closer, so this Christmas we can be together!
I do not need to look too far. This Christmas, you’re both here in my heart! Merry Christmas!

Christmas Wishes for Parents

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