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The festival of Love and joy has come to celebrate with siblings and to share some Raksha Bandhan Wishes with them. Raksha Bandhan is a mostly enjoyed Indian festival which is celebrated every year in the month of Sharavan.

In the festival of Raksha Bandhan, all sister ties Rakhi (Thread) on their brother’s hand. In return, brother gives some kind of Gift to her sister and promises to protect her in every situation. A gift could be anything like Jewellery, Dress, Makeup kit or Cash. Gifts and sweets are also exchanged to celebrate the occasion.
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Rakhi Quotes For Sister
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Rakhi Quotes For Sister

We Know One Another’S Faults, Virtues, Catastrophes, Mortifications, Triumphs, Rivalries, Desires, And How Long We Can Each Hang By Our Hands To A Bar. We Have Been Banded Together Under Pack Codes And Tribal Laws.
Sister Is Someone Who Is Caring And Sharing.Sister Can Understand Things You Never Said. She Can Understand Pain, Which Is Not Visible To Anyone. Raksha Bandhan Sweety!
I Want To Tell U, During Times When We Fought, My Love Was In Different Mood. Happy Raksha Bandhan!
For There Is No Friend Like A Sister In Calm Or Stormy Weather; To Cheer One On The Tedious Way, To Fetch One If One Goes Astray, To Lift One If One Totters Down, To Strengthen Whilst One Stands.
When The World Goes Dark, Stars Are There. When The Journey Breaks Up, Hope Is There. When The Entire World Vanishes And You Feel Left Alone, I Am There. Happy Raksha Bandhan!
Sisters And Brothers Just Happen, We Don’T Get To Choose Them, But They Become One Of Our Most Cherished Relationships. – Wes Adamson
I Will Always Consider You A Family Member And Rakhi Is A Great Time To Remind You.
Dearest Bhaiya, You Are Not Just A Brother To Me But You Are Also The Best Friend I Have. When You Are Around Nothing Seems Impossible. Always Be There To Make Me Happy And Feel Blessed. Love You Lots.

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
We May Look Old And Wise To The World Outside, But To Each Other, We Are Still In Junior School, You Are The Person Who Dances With Me In My Happiness, I Can’t Recall Even A Single Day When You Were Absent From My Life.
Sometimes I Wonder If We’Re Really Related. You Have Accomplished So Much, And I Am Really Proud To Call You My Brother.
I Am No Poet But My Emotions Are Pure And I Love You Very Much, My Dear Sister. I Will Always Be There To Help And Protect You. Happy Raksha Bandhan.
Dear Brother It’S A Small Thread That Has Traveled A Long Way. May This Small Thread Bind Us Forever
To My Dear Brother Happy Raksha Bandhan Wishes Picture
My Warm Wishes For Raksha Bandhan Sweet Sister. You Have Always Been The Best Sister In My Life😘
Hey, Lovely Brother, The Rakhi Can Be Cut Readily, But Our Bond Is Built On The Strong Foundation Of History. That No One Can Take From Us. Have An Awesome Raksha Bandhan!
You Take My Hand And Lead Me Along Paths I Would Not Have Dared Explore Alone. Thanks For All The Adventures My Lovely Sister
Sisters Share The Scent And Smells… The Feel Of A Common Childhood. – Pam Brown
It’s Hard To Be Responsible, Adult And Sensible All The Time. How Good It Is To Have A Sister Whose Heart Is As Young As Your Own.

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
Even If I Search The World Over And Over Again, I Will Not Be Able To Find Me A Better Sister Than You. Wishing You All The Best In Life.
What’S The Good Of News If You Haven’T A Sister To Share It?
Sitting Miles Away From You, I Miss You The Most Today. Every Year You Would Tie Your Love On My Wrist And Make Amazing Delicacies For Me. Wishing You A Very Rakhi Sister. I Truly Love You.
It Leaves A Smile On My Face When I Think Of Those Trifling Fights We Had And Suddenly Used To Make Up. The Memories May Fade Away With Passing Time But The Love We Share Will Only Grow. Happy Raksha Bandhan, Dear Sister.
Friends Come And Go But My Dear Brother Are Always There Happy Raksha Bandhan
You Are An Awesome Sister And A Marvelous Friend. May You Always Be Happy? Wishing You A Very Happy Rakhi.
Sometimes Being A Brother Is Even Better Than Being A Superhero.
I Wish From The Bottom Of My Heart That You Get All The Success And May You Live To Be A Hundred. Happy Rakhi Dear Sis.
Do Kilo Pyaaz, Ek Liter Petrol, Ek Kilo Tamatar, Shagaun Ke Ek Dollar. Happy Raksha Bandhan!😂

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
With Every Passing Year, We’ve Forgotten The Charm Of Rakshabandhan. But This Time, No Excuse. Let’S Celebrate The Festival And Make It Memorable Forever. Happy Raksha Bandhan, My Hero!
Thanks For Being A Good Listener, Giving Me Your Honest Opinion, And Accepting Me For Who I Am. Only A Sister Can Care As Much As You Without Being Pushy.
I Know If Someone Throw Bricks Toward Me, My Superhero Brother Will Build A Kingdom With These Bricks.
Dear Sister, I Promise To Always Protect You And Have Your Back, No Matter What. Happy Raksha Bandhan!
We Gain And Lose Things Every day. But Trust Me On One Thing. You’Ll Never Lose Me. I Will Always Be Here Happy Raksha Bandhan Ecard
On The Auspicious Occasion Of Raksha Bandhan, I Want To Promise My Dear Sister That No Matter What, I Will Always Stand By Your Side! Sending You All My Love On This Special Day! Happy Rakhi.
I Am Proud Of All That You Have Accomplished In Your Life. I Will Continue To Wish You The Best, And I Know You Will Continue With Many More Successes.
A Brother Like You Doubles For A Special Kind Of Friend Happy Raksha Bandhan
Thank You For Being The Most Wonderful Brother. Happy Rakhi Bhaiya!!
Mere Mast Mast Do Nain, Tu Mera Bhai Aur Main Teri Bahen. 😉
God Made This Special Day As Raksha Bandhan To Destroy All Devils Around Ourselves. – Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
Wishing You A Very Happy Raksha Bandhan. Every Year, The Celebration Of Raksha Bandhan Brings More Blessing And Love To Our Relationship
Thank You For Never Sugar Coating The Truth. I Need You To Keep Me Balanced When I Have Wild Ideas. You Need Me In Order To Keep You Busy!
It May Be That Memories Will Fade With Time But The Love That Brother And Sister Share Will Never Fade Away, Rather It Will Multiply Over The Years. Happy Raksha Bandhan To My Dearest Brother!!
Happy Raksha Bandhan. May All Ur Wishes Come True And May U Have All The Happiness Of The World.
You Make This Life Beautiful For Me. I Promise To Protect You From Every Evil Eye And Will Support You In Your Every Decision. I Love You, My Beautiful Sister. Have The Best Day Today And Always.
Sometimes Being A Brother Is Even Better Than Being A Superhero. – Marc Brown
I, Who Have No Sisters Or Brothers, Look With Some Degree Of Innocent Envy On Those Who May Be Said To Be Born To Friends.
Even Though We Do Not Share Blood Born Relation But I Have Always Felt Like You Are My Long Lost Sister. Thank You For Being There Always. Happy Raksha Bandhan.

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
You Can Kid The World. But Not Your Sister
The Mildest, Drowsiest Sister Has Been Known To Turn Tiger If Her Sibling Is In Trouble.
I Pray For Your Well-Being, Happiness, And Safety.
Do Not Be Disheartened That I Am Not There With You This Rakhi. My Good Wishes Will Always Be With You. Wishing You A Very Happy Rakhi.
We Gain And Lose Things Every day.But Trust Me On One Thing. You’Ll Never Lose Me, I Will Always Be Here. Happy Raksha Bandhan. I Love My Sister.
On The Day Of Raksha Bandhan, Every Brother Should Commit That He Will Protect Her Sister.
I Love To Tease You By Calling Various Names. I Love To Tease You. Oh! What A Great Feeling By Spending Time With You, I Will Always Love You Sister.
A Sister Is A Gift From God, Sent From Above To Make Life Worthwhile Here Below.

Rakhi Quotes For Sister
Though I Have My Own Family Now, I Will Always Have A Special Place In My Heart For You. We Were Friends As Children, And We Always Will Be.
Missing Those Trifling Fights And Enormous Love Which We Share. Happy Rakshabandhan!
Having A Sister Is Like Having A Best Friend You Can’t Get Rid Of. You Know Whatever You Do, They Will Still Be There. – Amy Li
You Know That There Is No Better Friend Than A Sister, And There Is No Better Sister Than You. Have A Spectacular Happy Raksha Bandhan!💖
The Highlight Of My Childhood Was Making My Brother Laugh So Hard That Food Came Out His Nose. – Garrison Keillor
It’S Your Sister Who Competes With You As Long As She Is A Child But Ones She Is Gown Up There Cannot Be A More Loving Relationship Like Hers!! Today On The Occasion Of Raksha Bandhan, I Want To Thank My Sister For Being My Best Companion!!

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