Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev Inspirational Quotes To Motivate You

 Incredible things can be done simply if we are committed to making them happen.
 Seeking means admitting that you do not know. Once you have cleared your slate, truth can imprint itself upon it.
 The mind remembers only certain things. The body remembers everything. The information it carries goes back to the beginning of existence.
 Most human beings live like a bird in a cage whose door was blown away. Out of habit, too busy gold-plating the cage, they do not soar to the ultimate possibility.
 Water has memory. Depending on how you treat it, what kind of thoughts and emotions you generate, accordingly it behaves in your body.
 Gossip is a kind of misalignment with people around you. You can either gossip about everyone, or you can become one with everyone.
 I don’t have opinions. Only if it is necessary for a particular action, I make a judgment. Opinions are fetters for your intelligence.
 Spirituality is not about becoming special – it is about becoming one with everything.
 Being attached to someone is not about the other person. It is about your own sense of inadequacy.
 Do not talk about the soul, heaven, or God. Talking about something that is not yet a reality for you amounts to falsehood.
 Integrity is not about the action but its purpose. Are you doing it for everyone’s well being or for your own benefit?
 Frustration, discouragement, and depression mean you are working against yourself.
 No two individuals are ever the same. You cannot equate people. You can only create equal opportunity.
 I do not understand why people want to control their minds. I want them to liberate their minds.
 There is no such thing as having attained enough. Life is an endless possibility.
 If you don’t invest your life in what you really care for, your life will be wasted. You will not fly – you will just drag yourself through life.
 Life is not outside of you. You are life.
 Yoga means to unite the limited with the unlimited.
 A snake knows more about what is happening around than any other creature, because it has no ears to listen to gossip – only direct perception.

 Whatever your goal in life, unless you develop a great urgency, what could be near will be far away.
 Every breath you take, you are getting closer to the grave. But every breath you take, you can also get closer to your liberation.
 Whatever happens – ultimately, life corrects itself.
 Once your mind becomes absolutely still, your intelligence transcends human limitations.
 Spirituality is not a disability – it is a phenomenal empowerment of life.
 Every other creature on the planet is doing its best. Only human beings hesitate about that.
 Death is not a disaster. Too many births – that is the real disaster.
 If anyone steps on your ego, instantly, he becomes your enemy. But a Guru is a friend who constantly tramples your ego.
 Whether you are running a business, an industry, or a nation – what is needed are insight, integrity, and inspiration.
 With wrong farming methods, we turn fertile land into desert. Unless we go back to organic farming and save the soil, there is no future.
 A human being is like a seed. Either you can keep it as it is, or you can make it grow into a wonderful tree with flowers and fruits.
 Spirituality is ultimate greed. You don’t just want a piece of creation – you want the source of creation.
 Devotion is when your involvement with life is so absolute that you yourself do not matter anymore.
 Unless you are oblivious to your own suffering, you have no right to be oblivious to other people’s suffering.
 Spirituality means to put your evolutionary process on fast-forward.
 “I want to change you” – that is not a revolution. “I’m willing to change” – now this is a revolution.
 One significant thing that you can do for your children is to invest some time into taking them out into nature.
 Most people are ego-sensitive, not life-sensitive.
 The moment you function in the world without being concerned about what is happening to life around you, you are a Criminal.
 It would be wonderful if this world was guided by little children, because they are closer to life than anyone else.
 If you want to be successful, don’t seek success – seek competence, empowerment; do nothing short of the best that you can do.
 What is the meaning of life? It is too great a phenomenon to fit into any meaning.
 Everything that can be created has already been done in creation. As human beings, we can only imitate, not create as such.
 Looking at everything through your phone is only numbing your perception – it does not really enhance your experience of life in any way.
 For the sort of potential that a human being carries, it is a very brief life.
 Seeing everything just the way it is gives you the power and capability to walk through life effortlessly.
 Pleasure is just a shadow of joy. When there is no joy in you, you become a pleasure seeker.
 The physical is only a small aspect of existence. In this cosmos, not even 1% is physical – the rest is non-physical.

 It is not your qualifications but your exposure in life that makes you who you are.
 Every basic act like eating and copulating becomes magical when you do it consciously.
 A Guru is not someone who holds a torch for you. He is the torch.
 The focus of education should not be on suppressive information but on kindling the thirst for knowing.
 We don’t need more Hindus, more Christians, or more Muslims – we need more Buddhas, more Jesuses, and more Krishnas – then there will be true change. Every human being has that inner potential.
 Trees are the source of your very breath – cut and you shall curtail life itself.
 When one is overfed and another one is hungry, I call that a disaster.
 The highest force in existence is consciousness, and you are that.
 Most of your desires are not really about yourself. You just picked them up from your social surroundings.
 People call books holy, but they are yet to realize that life is holy.
 In the vastness of the cosmos, everything is going perfect, but one nasty little thought in your mind can make it a bad day. That is lack of perspective.
 For wealth to translate into wellbeing, you need a spiritual element within you. Without that, your success will work against you.
 It is not sex per se – your identification with the body is the impediment to your spiritual growth.
 Responsibility means being able to respond to whatever situation you may face in your life.
 No work is stressful. It is your inability to manage your body, mind, and emotions that makes it stressful.

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