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Quotes by Swami Dayanand Saraswati

Born: 12 February 1824, Tankara
Died: 30 October 1883, Ajmer
Guru: Virajanand Dandeesha
Literary works: Satyarth Prakash (1875)
Parents: Yashodabai, Karshanji Lalji Tiwari

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Quotes

What is crucial in dealing with loss is not to lose the lesson. That makes you a winner in the most profound sense.
Enlighten- It cannot be an event. All that is here is non-duality. How will it happen? It is clarity.
We need to know luck is also earned and not imposed! There is no un-earned grace.
You cannot stand tall emotionally when you are always at the receiving end.
I love to follow truth; nay, I have made it my duty to persuade others to act on truth and abjure falsehood for the sake of their own good. So, the eradication of iniquities is the object of my life.
No human heart is denied empathy. No religion can demolish that by indoctrination. No culture, no nation and nationalism – nothing can touch it because it is empathy.
The fitness of the pupil is shown in his love for the acquisition of knowledge, his willingness to receive instruction, his reverence for learned and virtuous men, his attendance upon the teacher, and his execution of orders.
Because a human being is endowed with empathy, he violates the if he does not reach out to those who need care.
Though music transcends language, culture and time, and though notes are the same, Indian music is unique because it is evolved, sophisticated and melodies are defined.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Quotes

Prayer in any form is efficacious because it is an action. It will, therefore, have a result. That is the law of this universe in which we find ourselves.

People should never worship images. The spread of mental darkness is due to the prevalence of idolatry.

The greatest musical instrument given to a human being is the voice.

God is absolutely holy and wise. His nature, attributes, and power are all holy. He is omnipresent, incorporeal, unborn, immense, omniscient, omnipotent, merciful and just. He is the maker, protector, and destroyer of worlds.

He is good and wise who always speaks the truth, acts on the dictates of virtue, and tries to make others good and happy.

In life, loss is inevitable. Everyone knows this, yet in the core of most people it remains deeply denied – ‘This should not happen to me.’ It is for this reason that loss is the most difficult challenge one has to face as a human being.

The works of present life are more important than the whole and entire reliance on wholesale blind fate.

People should try to know God and imitate him in their works. Repetitions and ceremonials are of no use.

It is not wrong to be an ignorant; it is an error to continue to be an ignorant.

It is proper to take photographs or other kinds of pictures of persons to put them before us for sight or remembrance. But it is improper to make pictures and images of God.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Quotes

Salvation is the state of emancipation from the endurance of pain and subjection to birth and death, and of the life of liberty and happiness in the immensity of God.

Wealth is a thing, earned with honesty and justice. Its opposite is the Mammon of unrighteousness.

Innocent pleasures are got by virtue and well-earned wealth.

People say that they understand what I say and I am simple. I am not simple, I am clear.

The tongue should express what is in the heart.

Beneficence removes evils, introduces the practice of virtue, and adds to general welfare and civilization.

God has neither form nor color. He is incorporeal and immense. Whatever is seen in the world describes his greatness.

The soul is one in its nature, but its entities are many.

Give the world the best you have and best will come back to you.

Swami Dayanand Saraswati Quotes

A value is valuable when the value of value is valuable to oneself.

The highest form of service is to help a person who is incapable of thanking in return.

You want to change others so that you can be free. But, it never works that way. Accept others and you are free.

A person who consumes the least and contributes most is a mature person, for in giving lies the self-growth.

Lyric helps invoke the core person. And, without lyric, it is difficult to touch the core.

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