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Beard Quotes For Whatsapp

Beard Quotes for whatsapp

If I told you I liked your beard would you hold it against me?
Having a beard is natural. When you think about it, shaving it off is quite weird.
Don’t judge a man by the size of his ego or his heart, but on the epicness of his beard and the beautiful woman on his arm
Charles Spurgeon
Beard season..Never Ends.
Beard is really just a hug for your face.
Beard Award Goes to…
When you are lonely, Beard is always with you

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
If your dad doesn’t have a beard, you’ve got two Mums.
Beard shows growth of a man
Wearing Beard is a pride
Only favor you do to yourself is Beard
Men have a biggest responsibility called Beard
Keira Knightley
Instagram Status in English
I don’t give moustache rides. I give beard bounces.
Guys wear a suit to look important, I grew a beard.

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
Every beauty is in her search, be her beast!
Do you want a moustache?
Bearded men make better lovers. Hell, we make everything better.
Beard mode On.
My beard is an honour student at the school of badassery.
Every man learns a fine art – Beard
All men are not kings to wear a crown, one have to own it
The only reason to shave your beard is the joy of growing it again.
Stroking it, is a man’s real happiness
Pogonophile (n).Someone who is fond of or loves beards.
No beard no thanks.

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
Lightning, Insult, Thunder
Keep a beard. Be a Man.
I hate being sexy but I’m a bearded man so I can’t help it.
He who sacrifices his beard for a woman deserves neither.
Fullybeard !!
Dresses, Female, Would Be
The beard isn’t novel, it’s natural. But your continued efforts to maintain.. a boyish look by shaving your face, is truly a peculiar habit.
I know you are looking at my beard.
Best look is a beard look
A beard is a gift you give your face.

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
When you feel your beard blowing in the wind.
There is always a period when a man with a beard shaves it off. This period does not last. He returns headlong to his beard.
The beard tells the world that you spend more time.. in Morning Prayer than morning primping.
Robbie Coltraine
Our character tells the world you are a real man.. Your beard is mostly the exclamation point.
Man who have beard look Beardsome…!
Kissing a man with a beard is a lot like going to a picnic… You don’t mind going through a little brush to get there.
I’m a classic man.
I don’t have many hobbies, but my beard collects bras.

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
Wisdom comes from growing a Beard
Man without a Beard is like a cup of a Tea without sugar
Growing Up, Men, Ideas
Beards and wine get better with time.
Beard chooses the best, not all have one
A man without beard is like lion without mane.
Work 24×7 to earn a Beard
To be happy is to have a beard.
The only thing that will make a souffle fall is if it knows you’re afraid of it.

Beard Quotes for whatsapp
Shel Silverstein
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