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Cool Quotes In English

Cool Quotes In English

A bad attitude can literally block love, blessings and destiny from finding you. Don’t be the reason you don’t succeed.
You were cute until I ran my fingers through your hair and your wig fell off.
You can’t compare me to the next girl. Because there is no competition. I’m one of a kind, and that’s real.
When I was born I was so surprised I didn’t talk about a year and a half.
Try to say the letter M without your lips touching.
Virtually nothing is impossible in this world if you just put your mind to it and maintain a positive attitude.
The hardest part of trying to steal one sheep is stopping the rest of them from following.
That awkward moment when you’re trying to ignore a call and accidentally answer it.
The greatest day in your life and mine is when we take total responsibility for our attitudes. That is the day we truly grow up.
Please don’t forget to smile 🙂

Cool Quotes In English
Single is not a status. It is a word that best describes a person who is strong enough to live and enjoy life without depending on others.
My kitchen cleaner says “for a clean kitchen” so I can’t use it, mine is dirty.
Maybe being nice is more important than being cool.
Never wrestle with a pig. You’ll both get dirty, and the pig likes it.
I’ve never met an ugly person unless their attitude showed me otherwise.
isn’t about how many breaths you take but about the moments that take your breathe away.
Life without mistakes is like, education without books.
If winning isn’t everything why do they keep score?
If nobody hates you, you are doing something boring.
I want someone to give me a Loan and then leave me Alone.

I put my phone in airplane mode, but it’s not flying!

Cool Quotes In English
I said “no” to drugs, but they just wouldn’t listen.
I don’t have the time or crayons to explain myself to you.
I didn’t change, I just grew up. You should try it once.
I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.
Give me a photo of you so I can show Santa what I want for Christmas.
Facebook should have “So What” button!
Got a new phone today, my old one failed the swimming test.
Doing nothing is hard, you never know when you’re done.
Dance like no one’s going to put it on YouTube.
Don’T Like You ? I Don’T Wake Up Every Morning To Impress You.
Am quitting face book to face my books.
A tear is made of 1% of water and 99% of feelings.
Boys think of girls like books; if the cover doesn’t catch their eyes, they won’t even bother to read what’s inside.

Cool Quotes In English
You Attitude Can Hurt Me But Mine Can Kill You.
Why is ‘Monday’ so far from ‘Friday’ and ‘Friday’ so near to ‘Monday’??
Facebook is like a fridge, you check it every 5 minutes even though you know that there is nothing there.
Don’t you just love it when you flip your pillow over and its cool on the other side 🙂
Dreams is not what you see in sleep, Is the thing which doesn’t let you sleep.

I want to meet myself from someone else’s point of view.
I really should do something with my life… maybe tomorrow.
I usually take a two hour nap, from one to four. 
Love Your Haters, They Are You Biggest Fans.
Life is too short to worry about matching socks.
Mistakes are proof that you are trying.
The higher the better. It is more about an attitude. High heels empower women in a way.
That moment when there’s a spider on you, and you suddenly turn into a black belt karate master.
The words coming out of my mouth are all of me – unfiltered, raw and real. Love it or hate it, it is up to you.
After Monday and Tuesday, even calendar says W T F…

Cool Quotes In English
A woman needs a man like a fish needs a net.
I am not drunk, I am just chemically off-balanced
Happiness does not have a price tag so smile.
He who laughs last didn’t get it.
If you feel a bit lonely, forgotten, or just need someone to cheer you up remember…You can always change your birthday on Facebook!
If you do a job too well, you will get stuck with it.
I don’t have an attitude problem, you have a perception problem.
I am probably single….because i didnt forward those chain messages in 2020.
I am willing to make the mistakes if someone else is willing to learn from them.
For most of my life, I’ve thought of myself as cool.
Everyday is a second chance.
Facebook should have a limit on times you can change your relationship status… After 3 it should default to “unstable”.

Dear LOL, thank you for being there for me all those times I never had something else to say.
Cell phones these days keep getting thinner and smarter… people the opposite.

Cool Quotes In English
Do not argue with an idiot, he will drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.
After 11 years in living in the same house I found out that the bathroom mirror opens up into a cabinet.
A cop pulled me over and told me “Papers”, so I said “Scissors, I win!” and drove off.
As Facebook has a “Poke” button, it should have a “Kick” button as well.
Worrying works! 90% of the things I worry about never happen.
When nothing is sure, Everything is possible.
You hate drama? Cool. Stop starting it.
There are two kinds of people who don’t say much: those who are quiet and those who talk a lot.
The most important thing in life is not knowing everything, it’s having the phone number of somebody who does!
We all are born to die, don’t feel more special than me.
Sometimes I get road rage just pushing a shopping cart in a supermarket.
Some people are like clouds. When they go away it’s a brighter day.
People with status don’t need status.
Nothing is perfect, but when I’m with you everything is perfect.
Oh so now I’m invisible to you? That’s cool. I’ve always wanted a superpower.

Cool Quotes In English
Love Your Girl Like You Love Your Hot Coffee Enjoy It Before Its Hotness Goes.
Life is too short to waste on hating other people.
Love me or hate me but you will never change me. <3
I’m cool but Summer made me hot!
I’m just a mirror for you, You are good, I’m best, You are bad, I’m worst.
It is a positive attitude towards life that makes dreams come true.
I wish I could record my dreams and watch them later…
If plan ‘A’ didn’t work. The alphabet has 25 more letters! so stay cool.
I Like It When People Look At My Status And Say “Impressive”.
I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day that I find it is the day I’ll stop loving you.
I started out with nothing and i still have most of it.
How does a train eat? Chew, Chew…
He Is Very Poor Because He Have Only Money..Cool
I’m a Millionaire. I have little to no money!
If You Are Bad, Then Call Me Your Dad.

Cool Quotes In English
If you die in an elevator, be sure to push the Up button.
Perfect Boyfriend : Does Not Drink, Does Not Smoke, Does Not Cheat And Also Does Not Exist 
Nowadays, “Cool” means- “I really don’t care.”
People say me bad…..but trust me I am the worst!
When I was in high school I had two favorite subjects, lunch and recess.
Trying To Succeed ==> Then Started With Deleting Whatsapp Account.

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