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Cool Facebook Status

Cool Facebook Status

I’m not your type. I’m not inflatable. 
Linda notices that nobody ever says, “It’s only a game when their team is winning.
Life is very funny If you take the time to watch it.
The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.
The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.
The greatest advantage of speaking the truth is that you don’t have to remember what you said.
Always smiling, because yur smile is a reason for many others to smile…Smile please…!!
A smile suits every kind of clothes.
Artificial intelligence is no match for natural stupidity.
How come wrong numbers are never busy?
God made everything that has life, rest everything is made in China.
I believe there should be a better way to start each day… instead of waking up every morning.
If we shouldn’t eat at night, why is there a light in the fridge?
I’ve never met an ugly person unless their attitude showed me otherwise.
I’m not failed… my success is just postponed.
I destroy my enemies when I make them my friends.

Cool Facebook Status
I always learn from mistake of others who take my advice.
I Dont Have Attitude Problem. I Have Attitude & Problem Is Yours.
Facebook is where hypocrisy, falseness, double standards, rumors and depression meet up for coffee.
‘Dream’ as if you’ll live forever.. Live as if tomorrow is last one…
Great effort springs naturally from great attitude.
Create your own visual style let it be unique for yourself and yet identifiable for others.
Character is the result of two things: mental attitude and the way we spend our time.
Always keep that happy attitude. Pretend that you are holding a beautiful fragrant bouquet.
A simple hello could lead to a million things.
Ability is what you are capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.
You are the reason why I smile, I love, I breath, I live.
Whoever says “Good Morning” on Monday’s deserves to get slapped..
WIFE and INSULT Are Somewhat Similar, They Always Look Good, IF IT IS NOT YOURS!
Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.

Cool Facebook Status
The remarkable thing is, we have a choice everyday regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day.
They say “don’t try this at home” so I’m coming over to your house to try it.
Sorry about those texts I sent you last night, my phone was drunk.
Some Cool Whatsapp Quotes Messages
Sugar Factories Are Situated Under Girls Fb Statuses
Or, you know.. DON’T text back.. that’s cool too.
Never let a fool kiss you, or a kiss fool you.
Quit posting junk that no one cares about!! It’s called FILLING UP MY NEWS FEED!!!
Liking your own status is like high fiving yourself in the face.
Life doesn’t get easier. You just get stronger.
My ex girlfriend’s status said suicidal and standing on the edge. So I poked her.
I’M Not Single. I’M Not Taken. I’M Simply On Reserve For The One Who Deserve My Heart.
I’M Not A Second Option. You Either Choose Me Or Lose Me.
If College has taught us anything, it’s texting without looking 🙂
I’m going on a date with my pillow! Goodnight 🙂
I’m not lazy, I’m just on energy saving mode.

Cool Facebook Status
I love my job only when I’m on vacation.
I heard you’re a player. Happy to meet you, I’m the coach.
I love food and sleep. If I give you a bit of food or text you all night, that means something.
I Am Not Special , I Am Just Limited Edition 😛
Hated by many, wanted by plenty, disliked by some, confronted by none.
I believe if you keep your faith, you keep your trust, you keep the right attitude, if you are grateful, you will see God open up new doors.
If You Life Me Then Raise Your Hands, If Not Then Raise Your Standard.
If money grew on trees, girls would be dating monkeys!
I’m not even on drugs I’m just weird.
Our attitude towards others determines their attitude towards us.
Never take life seriously. Nobody gets out alive anyway.
Save water & drink beer…cool..
Weakness of attitude becomes weakness of character.
Virginity is not dignity, It is just lack of opportunity.
Do you think and don’t care if they like it.
Daily New Cool Whatsapp Status Updates
Do never compare dogs to men. Dogs are cool and faithful.. Remember that.

Cool Facebook Status
I know who I am, you have no need to explain.
I drank so much Vodka last night that this morning I woke up with a Russian accent.
I Love Listening Lies When I Know Truth.
I’ve gone out to find myself. If I should arrive before I get back, please ask me to wait.
Is wondering if wondering is a good thing or do I wonder about something else hummmm, I wonder!
Life Is Like Photography, You Use The Negatives To Develop.
Sometimes all you need is love. Lol, just kidding, you need money…
Silence is the most powerful scream.
The best things in life are free, the second best are very expensive.
Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth.
Jealousy is just love and hate at the same time.
Love starts with a hug, grows with a kiss, and ends with a tear.
I’m in desperate need of a 6 month vacation… twice a year.
If you can’t convince them, confuse them.

Cool Facebook Status
It is funny how when I’m loud, people tell me to be quit. But when I’m quit, People ask me what’s wrong with me.
I will keep smiling, be positive and never give up! I will give 100 percent each time I play. These are always my goals and my attitude.
I used to be schizophrenic, but we’re all right now.
I know that I am stupid but when I look around me I feel a lot better.
I don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t do drugs, I only have one small problem, I lie.
I failed my online quiz, did great on my FB status.
Home : Where I Can Look Ugly And Enjoy It.
God is really creative, I mean… just look at me.
He who wakes up early, yawns all day long.
Don’t tell me to stop crying if you don’t know how i feel inside.
Don’t Blame Me, I Was Born Awesome.
Behind every successful Facebook update there’s ctrl+c & ctrl +v.
Annoying moment when two people start a conversation on your Facebook status.
Civilization is a method of living, an attitude of equal respect for all men.

Cool Facebook Status
Your profile picture is a car.. that’s cool I didn’t know you were a transformer
You can’t compare me to the next girl. Because there is no competition. I’m one of a kind, and that’s real.
Adding you as my friend doesn’t mean I like you, I did it just to increase my friend list.
We live in the era of smartphones and stupid peoples.
Today morning when I was driving my Ferrari, the alarm woke me up.
Work is just something I’m doing until I win the lottery.
The chains on my mood swing just snapped. Run!
The ABC’s are attitude, behaviour and communication skills.
Sitting in class wondering how the hell the teacher got the job.
Respect Those Who Deserve It Not Demand It.
Running away does not help you with your problems, unless you are fat.
Negative attitude is nine times more powerful than positive attitude.
My Attitude Will Always Be Based On How You Treat Me.
My strength did not come from lifting weights. My strength came from lifting myself when i was knocked down.

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