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Cool Status In English

Cool Status in English

Adding you as my friend doesn’t mean I like you, I did it just to increase my friend list.
When I’m on my deathbed, I want my final words to be “I left one million dollars in the.
Unless your name is GOOGLE, stop acting like you f*cking know everything.
Women should not have children after 35. Really 35 children are enough.
The ideal man doesn’t smoke, doesn’t drink, doesn’t do drugs, doesn’t get angry, doesn’t exist.
That moment when you spell a word so wrong, even auto-correct is like “I’ve got nothing man.”
This is who I am Nobody said you had to like it.
Seeing a spider in my room isn’t scary. It’s scary when it disappears.
Roses are red, Facebook is blue, No mutual friends, Who the hell are you?
No matter how strong of a person you are, there’s always someone who can make you weak.
My middle finger salutes your attitude.
My six pack is protected by a layer of fat.
Life is Short – Chat Fast!
James is for external use only. See your doctor before administering.
Life is always rocky when you’re a gem.
I’m going on a date with my pillow! Goodnight 🙂
If you can dance and be free and not be embraced, you can rule the world.
I’m not drunk, I’m just chemically off-balanced.

Cool Status in English
I Will Be Rising From The Ground Like A Skyscraper.
I remember the time I was kidnapped and they sent a piece of my finger to my father. He said he wanted more proof.
I’M Not Single. I’M Not Taken. I’M Simply On Reserve For The One Who Deserve My Heart.
I don’t need a hair stylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning.
I do not get drunk- I get awesome.
I Love My Country. It is The Government I’m Afraid Of! 
Go where you are appreciated, not where you are tolerated.
Fun is like life insurance.The older you get..the more it cost’s.
Don’t run after him who tries to avoid you..!
Don;T Judge My Past, Look At My Present, I Am Sure My Future Is Really Rocking.
Don’t get my personality and my attitude twisted, because my personality is me, and my attitude depends on you!
Before You Judge Make Sure You Are Perfect.
An ugly personality destroy a pretty face.
Beauty Fades After A Time, But Personality Is Forever!
I changed my password everywhere to ‘incorrect.’ That way when I forget it, it always reminds me, ‘Your password is incorrect.’

Cool Status in English
I always dream of being a millionaire like my uncle… He’s dreaming too.
I don’t care what you think of me I’m happy that’s all that matters <3.:)
I’m going to stand outside, so if anybody asks for me, I’m outstanding.
If you can’t Change a Girl…..Change the Girl.
I’m the dude with cool attitude.
Phones are better than GF, At least we can switch it off…
of all statistics are worthless.
Sitting at home: Oh cool it’s raining. Sitting at school: HOLY CRAP! LOOK, IT’S RAINING!
When I’m on my death bed, I want my final words to be “I left one million dollars in the”
When God sneezed, I didn’t know what to say. 
Don’t be a woman that needs a man. Be a lady, a man, needs!
Dear Mind, please stop thinking so much at night, I need to sleep.
Don’t like my attitude? Report me at whocares dot com
I love my life because it gave me you; I love you because you are my life.
I intend to live forever, or die trying.
I miss the days when I was put my head on my desk.

Cool Status in English
Laughter is the best medicine. But, if you’re laughing without any reason, you need medicine.
It’s a good thing I brought my library card because I’m totally checking you out.
Life will give you exactly what you need, not what you want
I think my iPhone is not working. I pressed the home button and i’m still at school.
I made my Facebook name “Benefits,” so when you add me now it says “you’re friends with benefits.”
I wake up when I cant hold my pee in any longer.
I Don’T Need A Hair Stylist, My Pillow Gives Me A New Hairstyle Every Morning.
I am strong because I’ve been weak, I am fearless because I’ve been afraid, I am wise because I’ve been foolish.
I Got A Simple Rule About Everybody. If You Don’T Treat Me Right — Shame On You!
For you men who think a woman’s place is in the kitchen, remember.. that’s where the knives are kept.
Everyone is beautiful in their own way because God makes no mistakes.
Hey there Whatsapp is using me.
Dear Math plzz grow up & Solve your own problem, I’M tried of for solving them for U…
Dare to be different. The world is full of the ordinary.

Cool Status in English
Attitude and enthusiasm play a big part in my life. I get excited about the things that inspire me. I also believe in laughing and having a good time.
Age and size are only numbers. It is the attitude you bring to clothes that make the difference.
Always be positive. *Trips down the stairs* Whew, I got down those stairs fast.
You just hate me because you are not me.
Yes I am smiling and you’re not the reason anymore.
Yesterday I did nothing and today I’m finishing what I did yesterday.
True love is truly amazing only when it’s truly true.
There can be no positive result through negative attitude. Think positive. Live positive.
Train your mind to see good in everything.
Telling someone that you’re going to bed, When you’re actually not, and then having to hold back from sending messages on Whatsapp.
Sometimes I Think I’M Cool Because I See Things Differently Than Everyone Else.
The best dreams happen when eyes are opend,,
Peter reminds you to not play stupid with me! I’m better at it.

Cool Status in English
Of all my body parts my eyes get the most exercise, I do at least a thousand eye rolls every day.
Sara couldn’t myself have better it said.
Making a big life change is pretty scary. But, Know what’s even scarier?
Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status.
Natural ability is important, but you can go far without it if you have the focus, drive, desire and positive attitude.
In Love Story, Mom Agrees And Dad Disagrees? It’s Because Mom Knows What Love Is, And Dad Knows What Boys Are.
I’m so good at sleeping, I can do it with my eyes CLOSED
If Someone Throws A Stone At You, Throw A Flower At Them. But Remember To Throw The Flower Pot With It.
I’M The Guy, U Will Hate Nd Your Sisters Will Date. ( Cool Quotes )
I’d really post your name here every minute if Facebook keeps on asking me what’s on my mind
I need Google in my brain.
I look at people sometimes and think… Really??? That’s the sperm that won.
I may not be the best, I may not loved by any one but I am me. That’s what makes me special.

Cool Whatsapp Status
Life is Short – Chat Fast!
James is going to borrow money from a pessimist. They don’t expect to be paid back.
Life was much easier when APPLE and BLACKBERRY were just fruits.
Ten years from now, make sure you can say that you chose your life, you didn’t settle for it.
Sometimes I Think I’M Cool Because I See Things Differently Than Everyone Else.
The greatest pleasure in life is doing the things, people say you can’t
A book-store is only pieces of evidence we have that people are still thinking.
Your attitude screams about the bursting colours of your soul and the rhythm of your heart without the need for any words.
Guys are like stars, there are millions of them, but only one makes your dreams come true.
Forever is a long time, but I wouldn’t mind spending it by your side.
Galileo-Great mind! Einstein-genius mind! Newton-Extraordinary mind! Bill gates-brilliant mind.. ME-Never Mind!

Cool Status in English
If common sense is so common why is there so many people without it??
I’m jealous my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs …
I’d say we should have a “You Bore me button on Facebook!
Never Accept To Be Anyone’S Second Choice.
My attitude with love is simple – I do what I love and love will find me along the way.
Never trust someone who takes hours to text you back, but when you hang out with them they check their phone every minute.
To be old and wise, you must first be young and stupid.

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